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Your Link to the Past

Your Link to the Past

Historic Fourth Street

Floyd Monument

Sergeant Charles Floyd is best known as the only member of the crew to die during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the first United States soldier to die west of the Mississippi. Floyd was born in Kentucky around 1782. In 1803, he joined the Corps of Discovery, the military expedition that would explore the Louisiana Territory.

The night of August 19th 1804, as the explorers reached the area just south of Sioux City, Floyd became seriously ill with "bilous cholic". Although expedition leaders did everything they could to help the young soldier, Floyd became weaker. At the last, he told Captain Clark, "I'm going away and I want you to write me a letter." He died sometime after 2:00 in the afternoon on Monday, August 20, 1804.

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Central High School/Castle on the Hill


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First Brides Grave

Bruguier's Cabin

finalcabinIn 1933, an abandoned house was about to be demolished by the Wall Street Mission so that the lumber could be used in a boy's camp. As workers removed the siding from the house, they discovered that the house was originally a log cabin. Reverend John P. Hantla was in charge of the project. After doing some research, he determined that the house was one of the log cabins of the Theophile Bruguier farm. The cabin was given to the City of Sioux City as an historic structure, and today it is considered to be the oldest structure in Sioux City. 

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