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Your Link to the Past

Your Link to the Past

Other Sioux City Disasters

Fires have destroyed many Sioux City buildings over the years. In the years before electricity, candles and gas lights were a source of flame. The early fire departments were not equipped to stop a large blaze and many historic structures burned to the ground.


Baker and Bissel Fire
February 8, 1891

The Sawyer Block, built in 1866-67, housed the wholesale hardware firm of Baker and Bissel and the wholesale grocery company of Tolerton and Stetson. Located at 2nd and Pearl, the fire heavily damaged the building on February 8, 1891.


St. Elmo Hotel Fire

Davidson Auto Block Fire
January 11, 1918

The Davidson Auto Block was located on the northwest corner of 6th and Nebraska.

Grayson Fire
Jan 21, 1959

The Grayson fire started at the New Standard Clothing Company, 319 Fourth Street. It consumed four buildings and did $500,000 in damage before it was extinguished.

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